The Jizera Mountains are the northernmost Czech mountain range. Its eastern part lies in Poland and it further connects with Krkonoše Mountains. The Jizera Mountains attract not only pedestrians and cyclists, but also families with children who can make trips of exploration and entertainment. Most tourists come here for skiing in winter at ski resorts Špičák, Bedřichov and Severák, that are located close to each other between Liberec and Tanvald. In the summer you have the choice of many cultural and sports activities, e.g. Chateau Frýdlant, spa Libverda, Jizerka, Towers Štěpánek, Králkovka and others.

In the immediate vicinity there is a minigolf, tennis courts, hiking and biking trails in the Jizera and Krkonoše Mountains.

  • Minigolf - behind the hotel
  • Tennis courts - opposite the hotel
  • Top crossroads Tanvald - 1 km, the tourist trail Špičák begins here
  • Canine lookout - 3 km
  • Špičák Ski Resort - 5 km
  • Museum of toys DETOA - 3.5 km
  • Jizerka
  • The Dam Souš
  • The Kořenov rack and pinion railway - "zubačka"